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Dear Homeowner/Property Investor,

My name is Marcus, Founder of SG Property Reviews.

Now if you are someone who wants to take advantage of the current property market situation and stealthily profit from it…

You’ve landed on the right page.

In fact… I’d highly recommend that you drop everything else and take the next 5 minutes to read this as I will be revealing how you can tap on the immense potential of a low-profile, under-the-radar development… One that only the savviest of investors have been silently snapping up.

Seasoned investors as you can imagine… have a stringent criteria for any property to be within their consideration.

Only the creme-de-la-creme of properties gets through this rigorous selection process.

It is important that you too… know what these criteria are.

So let’s get started…

Before even stepping into any showflat, one of the first essential questions you have to get answered is…

What Exactly Are The Developments Surrounding That Property?

You see…

The age-old adage still holds true… Location is still king for anything related to real estate. Especially so in a land-scarce market such as Singapore and Hong Kong where space is a premium.

The location of the property you buy WILL determine how fast you get to see your Return On Investment.

In some cases… it even pre-determines just how many properties you will end up owning in this lifetime!

So treat this seriously.

And contrary to what you might be thinking… Being located next to an MRT is NOT the determining factor as to whether your property will appreciate in the future.

Let me repeat that:

Being next to an MRT is NOT the main factor why your property will appreciate in price.

That’s a common misconception in the market right now that is causing so many buyers to focus on the wrong factors.

You have to look beyond the superficial. Period.

Now this may be an open secret… But here’s where I suggest you focus your attention to when it comes to selecting an investment property.

Growth Regions.

Now don’t get me wrong… not all growth regions stated in the Master Plan are definite winners.

What’s more important is that you zoom in to the ZONING changes in the Master Plan.

More specially:

Look out for empty plots of land zoned for commercial use in the vicinity of your selected property.

These areas designated for offices and malls bring about developments that uplift the demand in its vicinity.

The larger the area of commercial zoned EMPTY plot of land, the more potential it has to strongly prop up demand in the area.

That itself is one of the foremost criteria which experienced property investors I’ve talked to personally use to filter down to the absolute best investment property available in the market.

Of course… You shouldn’t just rest on your laurels and stop there…

After all, what you are seeking is the absolute best investment property to put your hard earned cash into right?

So let’s push on…

The next question you HAVE to get answered is…

What Exactly Is The Rentability Of This Property?

Now I don’t have to remind you… But every investment property is pretty much dependent on its rental income generated from tenants.

And again… Being next to an MRT doesn’t automatically grant your property irresistible tenant pulling power.

In fact… Get this wrong and you might potentially end up getting your fingers burnt like many other property investors before you!

I’ve constantly reminded my investor clients, “When it comes to investment property, the last thing you will want to see is your unit being vacant for extended periods of time”.

Because the brutal truth is this…

When your mortgage payment bills arrive in your letterbox, there can only be two scenarios.

  1. You fork out money from your OWN pocket to pay
  2. You use the rental from your tenant to pay

Once you find it difficult to afford the mortgage, that’s how all property investment horror stories start.

Trust me, you DON’T want to be in that situation.

So… how do you ensure that your property has the ability to draw tenants like bees to honey?

That’s simple.

Focus on workplaces.

Think about it:

The large majority of your tenant pool will come from the expatriate community that is probably working in the CBD or industrial park nearby your property.

What do they REALLY want?

Well… more often than not… it’s a fast and easy commute to and fro their office.

A direct bus route. An uninterrupted train route. Will most of the time be the deciding factor in selecting the property they rent.

And guess what?

After months of research and comparative analysis… I might have just found THE perfect investment property to own right now in this current market that ticks ALL the boxes of everything I’ve just mentioned.

A word of caution though:

I’m not the only one who knows about it…

Savvy, In-the-know investors have already been snapping up units (some even purchase multiple units) in this little-known development and units are flying off the shelf EVERY single day!

This property is none other than…

Sims Urban Oasis

You might have been to the showflat before. Or perhaps you haven’t.

But if you have NOT bought this property… then we’d absolutely have to meet.

Because this property is by far one of the best investment opportunities in the market right now…

And the last thing you want is to look back 10 years from now to this day and kick yourself for not grabbing the second opportunity presented to you today.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ll share with you at the showflat:

How the transformation of not one but THREE growth regions will vigorously pump up demand in this area

Why tenants love city-fringe properties such as Sims Urban Oasis

Exactly which types of units to select to ensure that you have uninterrupted rental income (very important)

What are the other pull factors being announced and CONFIRMED that will increase your rentability

And many more…

So wait no longer…

Click on the button below to fill in your details and either me or my partner Mervin will be in contact with you for a showflat appointment.

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P.S. Now I should probably mention again that this property is truly in demand right now… Every single day the developer is pasting “SOLD” stickers on the unit numbers of the project chart. So if you truly want to capitalise on this investment opportunity, I’d suggest you do it right now.

P.P.S. If you are looking to buy within the $650k to $700k price range You’d have to act even faster because based the way it has been selling… There will soon be none in that price range left to buy.

I'll see you on the other side,

Marcus Sim, Founder of SG Property Reviews