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Attn: High-Net Worth Individuals (With At Least SGD $750,000 Investment Money) Interested In Making Explosive Returns On A Super-Undervalued Commercial Property!

It’s Here!
Find Out More About NEWest, The Soon-To-Be Biggest Shopping Mall In The WEST COAST Area Of Singapore, And Why It Can Be The Single Most Profitable Investment You’ll Ever Make!
(BTW, there’s a VERY LIMITED window for this investment… miss it and it’s gone forever. Read on to find out how you can seize the moment and cash in on this exclusive opportunity!)

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  • If you’re a high-net worth investor with at least SGD $750,000 of “investment money”, this is the perfect way for you to make massive returns fast!
  • If you’re a frustrated investor hit hard by all the cooling measures on residential property, there’s never a better time to “jump ship” and explore the potential profits to be gained from commercial property! (Lesser restrictions, higher returns!)
  • If you’re a doctor, dentist, chiropractor or any other medical professional, this is your chance to start or expand your private practice and gain access to an exclusive clientele of white collar patients!
  • If you are a foreign investor who wants to invest in Singapore Real Estate, this is an excellent opportunity to avoid paying any Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty!
Dear fellow investor,

My name is Davidz Wan. I’m a real estate investor and strategist. I invest and strategize not just for myself, but also for my clients.

In my 10 years in the industry, I’ve helped countless number of clients make money from under-valued (at the time) residential and commercial properties such as Citylights, Icon at Changi, Opal Suites, Platinum Edge, RV Edge, Centropod, Millage and many more.

Now, all of those properties are worth a lot more. That’s because with my advice, my clients invested at the right time. That’s the key to wildly profitable property investment (I’ll talk more about this later). Here’re some results my clients enjoyed:

“I was completely clueless about commercial property investment until I met Davidz. He introduced me to Centropod which he said was a great deal, and I should get in fast before the value increased.

I was a bit hesitant at first due to not knowing much about the property. But Davidz was very patient and sincere in helping me understand more. After a few consultations, I was confident enough to follow his advice.

In just a few months after my investment, the value of the property increased, and I managed to sell it off at a $150,000 profit! Everything Davidz analyzed and told me would happen came true. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to make profitable property investments.”

Richard TanInvestment Banker

“I’ve been a client of Davidz for a number of years now, and he has never let me down. The last investment he recommended me was Millage, a commercial property. Like all the previous times, I trusted and followed his recommendation.

And the results, as usual, were awesome! He has since managed to help me sell of the unit at a $200k profit! I did not even have to do much to earn that money, as Davidz was helping me settle almost everything. If you want similar results, do approach him!”

Paul HoBusiness Owner

I’ll tell you how to get similar results real soon. In the meantime, there’s something important I need to say first…

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a high-net worth individual. That means you probably already know the importance of investing your money in property. But just in case, let me briefly reiterate.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that inflation is eating away at your money. And inflation is greedy. Its appetite is never satisfied. It take and takes… more and more every year… and never gives back.

So the bottom line is: If you just let your money just sit in the bank, your wealth will be eroded… fast. Imagine all the money you worked so hard to make and save over the years… gone up in smoke… just like that. And the worst thing is…

Most People Don’t Even Know What’s Going On Until It’s Too Late!
That’s because many people take it for granted that putting money in the bank is “safe”. That it’s the “right way”. That it’s “what everyone else is doing”. Well… the brutal truth is that: If you put all your money in the bank, you’ll never be financially free!

Do the math: Inflation is around 4% per annum right now, and is set to increase year after year. The bank’s interest rate is less than 1% per year. Can you see what those numbers are doing to your hard-earned cash?

Thankfully, most of you here are high-net worth individuals. So you’re probably well aware of the dangers of putting all your money in the bank and letting inflation devour it without your knowledge. That’s one of the reasons why you’re where you are in life right now, right?

But if for some reason, you’ve been feeding inflation unknowingly by putting all your money in the bank, that’s great news. Yes… you heard right. It’s freaking great news.

Because if you already managed to amass massive wealth despite inflation slowing you down, imagine what you can do when you can combat inflation head on! Your wealth will shoot through the roof!

So let me reveal another secret to massive wealth creation:

Property investment.

It’s by far the…

Most Lucrative Form Of Investment In The Market Today!
Why? Because it allows you to generate constant passive income and retire comfortably, and also leaves a legacy for your children to inherit. Compared to other forms of investment like stocks, bonds or forex, the returns you get is usually a lot higher.

Actually, every home owner, no matter if you own a HDB, a condo or a landed unit, is also technically an investor in residential property already. (But most of them are not making the most out of their investments, but that’s beside the point I want to make today)

That’s why residential property is the most common form of property investment. Some of you probably already own multiple residential properties, and are collecting a cool amount of passive income month after month.

But here’s the thing… with all the cooling measures today, residential property is no longer the attractive investment it once was. For the uninitiated, cooling measures in this case, means efforts by the government to cool the market by increasing taxes on property.

So essentially, this means that if you choose to invest in residential property right now, with the cooling measures in place, you’ll be losing out big time!

If you’re thinking of investing in residential property, like what your real estate agent may be telling you to, think again. Don’t do it. Trust me. Cos you’ll regret it.

Right now, you may be thinking “So how?” I just told you that property investment is the most lucrative form of investment, then I told you NOT to invest in residential property. So how?

Well… don’t worry. I have your solution. It can beat inflation. It can beat the cooling measures. It can give you explosive passive income. In other words, it’s absolutely the perfect solution.

What I’m talking about is:

Commercial Property Investment

NEWest Commercial Facade
By commercial property, I mean shopping malls and office buildings. Previously, property developers were unwilling to allow investors to invest in commercial property. They wanted all the commercial units for themselves because they’re so damn lucrative!

Only recently, due to overwhelming demand, were they forced to open up this option to investors. This means while many other investors are plodding about trying to make money from residential property (wrong strategy!), you can take advantage of their mistake by seizing the opportunity to get onboard the commercial property bandwagon!

And you know what the best news is? The uncertain property market today means commercial property is an even bigger draw! That’s because you’ll be getting a HUGE DISCOUNT when you purchase a commercial unit today.

Once again, this opportunity is down to panicky investors who make terrible mistakes because of the uncertain market. They think that because of the cooling measures, commercial property will be affected just like residential property.

So they sell low… for dirt cheap returns. Demand is also not as high as before, so developers have taken to slashing their prices. So in case you haven’t got the message yet…

It’s A NO-BRAINER For You To Jump In Now!
Think about it this way… despite all the cooling measures, people still go to shopping malls to eat, shop and relax. Just go to any mall during the weekends and see for yourself. The demand will always be there.

No matter what kind of regulations are thrown around, as long as there’s demand from the people, you’ll be able to make money. And I don’t mean small petty cash either…

So over the past year or so, my team and I have been hard at work, doing research on the various commercial properties on offer. Finally, we identified this one commercial property that fits all the criteria we’re looking for: NEWest.

You probably haven’t heard of NEWest… yet. That’s because this shopping mall is only slated to open around 2016. So let me tell you more about NEWest, and why we specially picked it out of all the commercial properties out there.

NEWest is strategically located at a high-end residential area in the west of Singapore, with around 200,000 residents. Most of those residents are high income earners, since they stay in the numerous condos and landed properties in the area.

It’s also the only shopping mall within close proximity. That means all the residents there are likely to frequent NEWest to get their groceries, medical care, entertainment, food etc. NEWest will dominate that market.

So in other words, NEWest will be the hottest shopping mall within its area when it opens for business. That also means that right now, NEWest is…


NEWest Commercial Food Court
As I mentioned above, you’ll be getting a HUGE DISCOUNT if you seize the chance to invest in commercial property now. And none more so than with NEWest.

Believe me… my team and I have scoured the island looking at all the commercial properties on the market. We’ve done our homework thoroughly. So seriously… you won’t find a better deal out there.

Let me repeat again since this is important: SEVERELY UNDERVALUED.

Now, I’ll tell you how you can make cold, hard cash from investing in this undervalued commercial property…

When NEWest opens for business in 2016, you can choose to rent out your unit and collect passive income, or sell it during TOP for a tidy profit.

Either way, you can’t lose. Whichever way you cut it, it’ll lead to just one outcome: More money for you. Period.

Also, if you’re a doctor or any other medical care professional looking to open a clinic or expand your practice, this is also a fantastic chance for you to provide your expert services to those 200,000 residents.

At this point of writing, there’re no other medical care providers onboard yet. This means if you invest in a unit at NEWest, you can monopolize market and become the exclusive healthcare provider for those 200,000 residents!

Think about what that’ll mean to your bottom-line! People streaming in and out everyday… endless flow, endless cycle, endless profits!

So I’m guessing that you’re probably wondering how you can get a piece of this lucrative pie, right? Before I go into that, I must say something that I really would prefer not to say. I hate to be a downer… but hey… it is what it is. So here goes:

This Investment Opportunity Is Not For Everyone
And I’m not just saying it. Right at the top of the page, I did mention that this opportunity is for high-net worth individuals with at least SGD$750,000 to invest. The truth is that commercial property is not cheap. The price is high, no doubt, but the value u can get back is a lot more than what you pay.

So unfortunately, if you can’t spare that amount to invest, this is not for you.

Secondly, if you’re adopting the “wait-and-see” approach like so many others out there, this is not for you as well. To succeed in property investment, you must be decisive.

You must strike while the iron is hot.

You must act fast when the chance comes.

Because in such a volatile market, windows of opportunity don’t come by often. If you miss it, that’s it. Gone forever… along with the potential big money you could’ve made.

All savvy investors can see what a tremendous opportunity this is. So if you’re unwilling to put the money down, or you want to wait-and-see for whatever reason… then this is not for you.

But if you’re a decisive investor with the money to invest, pay attention, because I’m going to make you an…

Irresistible Offer!
Besides all the benefits I already listed above, here’s one more caveat that’ll make NEWest a crazy good investment: 20% “New Year” discount!

Let me explain what this means.

When NEWest units became available to invest, the initial preview price was already undervalued by 10%. Since then, the price has dropped an extra 10% because of the uncertain property market.

That means a crazy, unbelievable, out-of-this-world 20% off! Irresistible Offer!

Wow. ‘Nuff said. Best deal ever.

So here’s what you need to do. Click on one of the “contact buttons” located throughout this page, fill in your details, and I’ll contact you to discuss more about this opportunity.

I’ll show you step-by-step how you can get in on this not-to-be-missed investment, and explain how you’ll make consistent and explosive passive income.

But do act fast as the 20% discount only applies to 3 more units. There were 7 in total at that crazy discount, but 4 have been snapped up in just weeks. So only 3 left then.

Any moment you hesitate, is a chance for someone else to get their hands on this investment that could, and should, be yours…

Also, I can only spare time to meet up with 4 interested investors a week. Wait a minute. You may be thinking: 3 units are left, but I’m meeting 4 investors a week? Doesn’t make sense right?

Actually, not everyone who meets me will be eligible to invest. I’ll do a detailed check on their financial situation before deciding if they’ll eligible to come on board.

SGD$750,000 is not a small sum for most. So it’s my responsibility to do my due diligence and ensure that this investment won’t have a negative impact on you. As I said before, this opportunity is not for everyone.

And it’s up to me to make sure you’re suitable… or else it could do you more harm than good. Don’t worry… I’m not like some other real estate agents who only care about closing the deal and getting the commissions. If this isn’t right for you, I’ll tell it to you straight. Remember: This is only for those with SGD$750,000 to invest.

So if you’re a decisive investor with the money to grow even more money, contact me now, and let me help you make this investment. You won’t regret it. Your children will thank you for it. You’ll reap the benefits massively.

There really isn’t anything for you to lose here, but everything to gain. Like I said, to succeed in investment, you need to identify windows of opportunity and seize the moment. This is the moment. YOUR moment.

Seize it, or lose it.

Your choice. Make the right one.

I’ll see you soon,
Davidz Wan,
Real Estate Strategist

P.S. Just to sum everything up here, in case you’re the sort who likes to skip to the end. Due to the cooling measures, investing in residential property is not advisable for now.

Commercial property is the way to go for profitable investments.

My team and I have researched extensively on this, and selected the upcoming shopping mall NEWest as the most value-for-money deal out there. That’s because it’s strategically located at a high-end residential area with around 200,000 residents, and
it’s the only shopping mall in that area.

In other words, market monopoly.

So this is really the perfect investment opportunity, provided you have SGD$750,000 of investment money to spare.

It’s also great for doctors and other medical professionals who want to open a clinic or expand their practice, because at this point of writing,

NEWest doesn’t have a medical care provider yet.

One more thing… 3 units in NEWest are available at a knockdown 20% discount. It’s really an unbelievably no-brainer deal!

If you’re interested and fit the bill, do contact me by filling up the form below, and I’ll set up an appointment with you. Do note that I’ll only be meeting 4 potential investors per week.

To avoid disappointment and seeing the investment opportunity that could be yours, snapped up by others, please hurry and let me grow your wealth for you!

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