Discover How You Can Still Retire Wealthy Through Strategic Property Investments... Even If You Just Have One HDB To Your Name!

(Especially for Singaporeans who wish to build a brighter future for themselves and their family.)

Dear Homeowner/Property Investor,

My name is Marcus Sim, a real estate portfolio strategist who specializes in helping my clients extract the MAXIMUM profit potential from their property portfolio.

By utilizing a carefully designed and individually customized framework, I've assisted my clients to become proud owners of multiple investment properties.

But even though they now own multiple properties, a large percentage of them started out like most of us.

Salaried employees, with zero property investment knowledge and just one HDB flat to their name.

You see, profitably owning multiple properties is not difficult to achieve...

You just need to apply the right strategies.

I'm sure you'll agree... owning multiple properties is THE Singaporean dream. Almost every Singaporean aspires to achieve this milestone at some point in their lives.

I'll go as far as to bet my very last dollar... that even YOU have thought about being a proud owner of multiple properties!

Because you know that achieving this comes with its perks;

You might want the monthly passive income generated from the properties.

You might want the recognition and envy from your friends and family.

You might want to provide a strong financial foundation for your future generations.

You might want to retire without having to downgrade your lifestyle.

... Or you might simply want all of those!

Nevertheless, I hate to be the one to tell you this but for your sake... I have to be brutally honest.

The large majority of Singaporeans will NEVER get to own multiple properties.

Just take a good look around you... I'm sure you'd be hard-pressed to come up with even 5 names of people who own multiple properties.

And I'm not talking about owning just two... I'm talking about 4 or even 8 properties.

Because let's face it, by just owning 2 properties... Are you really able to safely quit your high-paying job for good and live off the $2,500 passive income, doing the same things you love? (That's assuming you have fully paid off both mortgages on the property)

I highly doubt so.

In fact, most of us only end up with ONE property by the time we hit retirement age.

That, to me is one of the worst scenarios to end up in. (well, it's just slightly more comforting than owning no properties at all)

Imagine this:

At the age of 65, you are probably not going to retain your high paying job anymore. Your pension (assuming you have one) is a finite resource and definitely won't be able to outlast you.

Ironically, that's also when you start incurring one of the highest expenses in your life.

Medical expenses.

And I'm sure you know that even today, medical bills are exorbitant.

Slowly but surely, you'll find your Medisave and pension fund get whittled away every time a huge medical bill arrives in your mailbox.

Now here comes the scary part.

What would you do when it's all gone?

  • Downgrade your flat to cash out? (Then what?)
  • Find a job? (Good luck with that)
  • Depend on your kids for support? (Really?)

Isn't it depressing to think that you have worked your entire life just to end up having to work all over again until the day you breathe your last?

What about your children... Is it fair to them if they should be the one saddled with the burden of paying for your medical bills? Do you really want this financial vicious cycle to be your legacy to them?

Instead of kicking back and enjoying the retirement lifestyle you've always envisioned, going on exotic vacations, spending time with your loved ones, doing the things you love... you are forced to work. And work. And work.

With no end in sight. All for the sake of survival.

Well thankfully, its all just imagination...

However, the scenario that I've described above could very well happen to you. UNLESS you decide to do something about it before its too late...

(Read on for the solution as I'll be revealing it to you soon)

The bitter truth is, many fellow Singaporeans can't afford to retire even after they reach their retirement age.

And it all boils down to one reason.

They have been using the WRONG property investment strategy.

Perhaps its because they did not have a mentor experienced in the art and science of property investment to guide them through the process. Which is why they go about doing it by trial and error.

No doubt it is a good learning process, and they get to learn from their mistakes when they make them. But there are two major problems with this approach.

1. When they make a mistake, they lose BIG TIME

Properties are big-ticket purchases that cost you in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

And although there is nothing wrong with making a wrong judgment, the time and effort you need to take to recover from it could be huge!

Potentially, every mistake that you make could take you years, just to get back up to try again.

Some people even get disillusioned after losing their hard earned capital and decide to wash their hands off property investment for life! (I've personally served a few clients in this category... And it saddens me)

2. Each investor has a limited window to make their profits

With the mortgage age-cap at 65 (or 75 depending on the % loan), investors only have a limited time-frame to realistically make their profits and expand their property portfolio. There is literally no time for mistakes.

Every transaction has to be calculated, deliberate and based on a long term strategy with the end goal in mind.

In the property investment world... you snooze, you lose.

But what really shocks me is that...

Some of them don't even recognize the existence of this time-limited window!

So they wait for things to happen. Prices to drop. Stocks to crash. Financial Armageddons to arrive...

But when property prices really depreciate and they are presented with wonderful buying options, they start thinking to themselves, "Nah... It's going to drop further... I'll wait it out."

And here's the worst part.

When property prices start climbing, they either think it's a "false sign of recovery" or that it's "overpriced" compared to a month ago.

In fact, I know of many buyers who are guilty of this "Property Bystander Syndrome".

Nonchalantly watching on as other savvy investors snap up great deals right under their noses.

And even if they DID realize that they only have a limited time frame to invest, many of them are still too paralyzed out of fear to take any action.

They are afraid that prices will drop once they buy... they are afraid that they won't be able to rent out their property... They are afraid that their relatives will mock their purchase decision... They are afraid of well... everything.

Unfortunately at the end of the day, they would have missed the boat completely and are very likely to "retire" with just one property to their name.

Helpless & unable to withstand the financial stress that comes with old age.

You see... That's the last thing I want to see happen to you.

I realized that at the root of an investor's fear is the lack of a "Game Plan". An overall strategy to make sense out of the madness.

Which is why I have created a solution to this real world problem, based on the exact proven framework that I use exclusively for my clients.

I call it...

The Insider's Guide To Retiring Rich Through Powerful Property Investment Strategies.

In this guide I will show you exactly;

Why selecting the right first property is crucial to your property investment success

The only type of property you should select as your first property if you want to retire quickly (AND which to absolutely avoid)

How to take stock of your current property portfolio

What actionable steps to take to move on to the next level of property investment

The "Little Known" strategy that most Singaporeans miss that cause them to end up with only one property

The exact "Game Plan" for you to start planning for your retirement property portfolio

How the average Singaporean can own 8 properties or more and still live in luxury during their retirement years

and many more!

It is one of the most comprehensive guides on property investment I have ever created...

One that you can immediately use as a reference point to start maximizing the profits of your property portfolio.

You will know exactly which phase of property investment;

  • Accumulation
  • Multiplication
  • Holding
  • Yield

... you are currently in and the strategies to start executing by the time you download and finish reading every sentence within the guide.

The bad news?

I can't give it to you for free.

That's because I know what everyone does to to a free report. It is discarded, unread and generally looked upon with contempt.

I have put in far too much effort, time and resources into this guide and it would pain me to see it treated as such.

In fact, the strategies listed inside are without a doubt worth thousands of dollars to the right person who will save A LOT of money from disastrous investment mistakes.

So, what am I going to charge for it?

$49? $99? $197?

Actually, no.

I only want 27 bucks.

And that's not a typo. $27. Nothing more.

Why 27 bucks?

Well, three reasons;

  1. It is accessible to anyone. Even if you are out of work or purely living on your savings, you can scrape together 27 bucks.
  2. Anyone who's not serious enough to invest $27 for their financial future quite frankly doesn't deserve this information.
  3. Just by using one of the strategies listed in the guide will allow you to almost double your profits from your properties in the next 5 years, returning your investment today many times over. (and we're talking about hundreds of thousands here.)

In other words, its a no brainer.

So, let's grab you a copy...

No thanks, I don't want to retire wealthy through property investment.

Hear what other readers had to say about the guide.

Very insightful but lack actual real life data that investors look out for. Eg. Which district have high potential now? Where to look for undervalued property? Etc. Other than that, very informative. Keep up the good work.

Tommy Budiharjo Shipping Officer

This book certainly takes you behind the scenes into a whole new world of property investment. A lot of useful information are mentioned which are vivid and simple to understand. After reading it, retire rich will no longer be just a dream! Please keep me in the loop for future new book editions!

Er Zhi Hui Engineer

Great insights into property investment, especially in the current property climate.

Ron Manager

It is informative and gave me practical insights to what can be done to narrow down to undervalued properties. Hope to be able to secure a second property and expand my portfolio through what I have learnt.

Joshua Civil Servant

Hi Marcus, Amazing tips! I just loved them.

Neeta Ashwin Housewife

Easy to understand book. Not too difficult to digest. Could improve on talking more about how to raise the finances for the down payment. Plus how to secure bank loans. I.e credit related topics. also can share in detail what is your definition of a good property investment. Like how many percent rental yield is considered good etc..

Chris Pilot

In books or seminars, we are always told to focus, to do research and to select right location, but we're never told HOW to do it. This ebook provides the answers to really get me started! Thanks Marcus!

Thomas Professional

Its a good guide, I found it useful, especially the tip on where to obtain transaction volume and rental info from the URA site.

Just 2 minor comment for improvements:

1. Interest rates has been low since 2009. But it is surely on the uptrend now. Perhaps you can share any strategy for a rising interest rate environment. Afterall it affects the monthly mortgage and hence returns from rental income.

2. You guide focus on buying a property for investment, for rental yield. Can you share from the perspective of buying for own stay? e.g. for upgraders

Thanks for sharing.

Looking forward to your future updates.

Christopher Tan Administration

Read your e-books and found them very informative!

I am planning my 3rd property investment for my retirement plan.

The holding point is still the existing ABSD implementation and " waiting " and hoping for changes in the cooling measures soon....

Meantime, I am monitoring property around Jurong Lakeside (Lake Ville and Lakeshore) and I believe this area will be high in rental demand in near future.

As such, much appreciated if you could provide some expertise advice on the pro/cons of these 2 development.

It is a good investment strategy for older development such as Summerdale, Parc Vista etc. once these area fully developed?


Brandon Yoon

Very informative and insightful!

John Manager

Marcus is one of the best consultant to go for when it comes to property investment. His inputs in this book give me a different insight for an effective investment and choice in your property. This is a book that u definitely need to read before starting to look into your new or upcoming properties!

Jasmine Wan Financial Planner

No thanks, I don't want to retire wealthy through property investment.

Now up till this point, if you are still undecided whether you should part with $27 to gain practical strategies on improving your chances of retiring rich...

I want to make the decision easier for you.

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I'll also be including an ADDITIONAL guide that I have created on how to select undervalued properties that can generate massive profits for you.

It's called...

The Insider's Guide To Real Estate Investment

Inside this guide, I'll be covering;

The essential mindset that every property investor must possess and how it will hurt your profits if you are not equipped with it.

How to uncover undervalued property gems that will provide a safety net to fall back on.

The step-by-step guide on how to determine the rental potential of a property or area so that you will never face the prospect of dealing with vacant units and paying exorbitant mortgage payments by yourself month after month.

and of course, many more!

To be honest, this guide itself is worth at least another $27 but if you take action right now, you'll be getting it as a valuable add-on bonus.

So essentially, what you are getting is both of my best guides at just the cost of one!

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No thanks, I don't want to retire wealthy through property investment.

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What does that mean?

Download your copy of The Insider's Guide To Retiring Rich Through Powerful Property Investment Strategies. Go through the entire contents of the guide itself. Start taking action and build a profitable property portfolio.

If at any point of time within the next 30 days, you are not entirely convinced that this guide is worth thousands of dollars in real estate investment mistakes, or for whatever reason you are not entirely satisfied... Drop me an email to let me know and I'll refund the entire amount you paid.

No questions asked.

And as my way of saying thanks for giving it a shot, you get to keep all the materials for your future reference.

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So go ahead, click the button below to get your 100% risk-free copy right now!

No thanks, I don't want to retire wealthy through property investment.

I'll see you on the other side,

Marcus Sim, Real Estate Portfolio Strategist

P.S I'm not sure how long I will keep including The Insider's Guide To Real Estate Investment In Singapore as just a bonus because quite frankly, it deserves a price of its own.

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The Insider's Guide To Retiring Rich Through Powerful Property Investment Strategies