How You Can Build A Profitable Property Portfolio That Funds Your Retirement Lifestyle

(WITHOUT taking on unnecessary risks!)

Many people are still using the same old property strategies indoctrinated by their parents or relatives. Applying those strategies in today’s property market WILL hurt your chances of actually retiring rich.

Marcus Sim

What You Can Expect When We Meet:

If you are a first time buyer, I will give you insights on what to look out for when you purchase your very first property. Make no mistake, this is THE most important stage of your quest to build a profitable property portfolio. It is crucial for you to understand which properties to avoid and which will give you the best chance of growing your wealth much faster than your peers.

If you already have an existing property, I will share with you what you can do RIGHT now to make your property generate even more profits for you. Again, it is essential that you have this information AND understand the risks of missing out on, “The Investor’s Golden Window”.

Your information will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality and you are not obligated to engage my services. However, what I can promise you is that you will leave this meeting with a much greater understanding of what you can do to build your assets systematically in the shortest amount of time.

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What My Clients Are Saying About Me:

Jasmine Wan Financial Planner

Hi Marcus thanks for your time today! You helped me to understand what I and my husband can do after our HDB reaches MOP.

The planning that you gave us is detailed and has changed our idea towards property asset management.

Glad to have engaged your services and we have faith that we will own more properties with your professional advice.

Terry Neo Property Investor

I first approached Marcus in 2011 as I had wanted to purchase an investment property in Paya Lebar. I had wanted to purchase units in that area because of the future developments that I heard were upcoming in Paya Lebar. However, Marcus advised me that units in Jurong held more potential and elaborated on the upcoming plans for the Jurong Lake District.

Impressed with the huge potential that Jurong had to offer, we immediately started viewings there and because of Marcus’ extensive knowledge and expertise in that area, I managed to get my dream investment unit at excellent value after he went through detailed financial calculations with me to ensure that I was purchasing the property at low risk. After-which, Marcus also helped me to secure a good corporate tenant whose lease started immediately after my unit’s sale completion date. Currently, the value of my unit has increased significantly and I am enjoying healthy passive rental income every month.

Marcus has definitely added value to me as an investor and I would strongly recommend his services to investors or home owners looking to upgrade their property investment portfolio as he truly has invaluable insights with regard to property investment.

Nelson Tan Marine Harbour Pilot

Got to know Marcus through a friend of mine. Was introduced to his services after my futile efforts in finding an ideal home, as well as the procedures to go about it.

During the entire real estate transaction with him, I felt very assured. He was very meticulous and patient in every aspect, explaining to me in great length and depth, the pros and cons of every apartment that we sited.

Prior to the jargons used, and site plans that I couldn’t comprehend; he laid it out in simple layman terms, for my easy grasp. All of these led me in affirming what I wanted, and the price I was going to pay, is one in which I’m willing to part.

Most importantly, Marcus is able to empathize with my requirements, in no way, a simple effort to research and scout for the best property that I seek, in lieu to my capabilities and limitations.

As a first time buyer, Marcus definitely exceeded his boundaries, coaching me along the way, right from the beginning to the end. It was more of a personal touch from him, as a friend more than that of an agent, which allowed me to open up and speak freely.

Not once was he neither pushy nor hard selling, which I personally feel is a great attribute required in his competitive industry.

I would, and without a doubt recommend his services to my friends. It was not only a purchasing experience with him, but also a learning one, which l believe many would appreciate!

Mdm Chua G.L. Property Investor

Before engaging Marcus, I was already working with 2 other agents to rent my property.

However, due to bad market conditions and timing, my condo unit in Casa Merah was left vacant for more than 3 months!

And that's when I decided to meet up with Marcus to seek his professional help.

Marcus' approach was very different as he sat down and assessed my current property portfolio and even gave suggestions on steps I could take to maximize my profits.

Eventually I engaged him as my exclusive agent to market my property for sales instead.

And because of his pro-activeness and truly unique marketing approach, I was able to sell my property at a significant profit within just 2 weeks of marketing... Even though the market conditions were so bad!

​I will highly recommend his services to anyone looking to market their properties... He is truly an expert at what he does.